BioMetrixx M1 - Marten repeller 12V

Martens are the cause for a lot of defective cars as they are invading the engine compartments of cars and chew cables, hoses and the engine compartment insulation. Our marten repeller device generates an acoustic signal with a Frequency of 23 KHz in intervals of 1 second on and 3 seconds off which chases the martens away. The sound is non audible to humans but very uncomfortable for martens.
Due to the very low power consumption there is no danger of sucking the car battery empty, even if the car isn't moved for a couple of days.

Technical data:
Power supply: 12V DC via car battery (not included)
Power consumption: approx. < 4mA (same amount as an LCD clock)
Frequency: 23 KHz. (+/- 5%)
Radiation angle: approx. 140 °
Sound pressure: approx. 85 dB (+/- 10%)
Operating Temperature: -40° to +80° C
Size: 140 x 80 x 35mm (item only)
260 x 220 x 50 mm (clamshell packing)




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