BioMetrixx S100 - Energy saving UV-LED Insect Killer

Flying insects are attracted by UV light and fly on their way to the light source against the high voltage grid that kills them fast and hygienically. The dead insects then fall into the tray of the appliance, which can be easily opened and cleaned.


Area of operation: residential properties, business properties, caravanning, camping, boating etc.

Technical Data:
Power supply:

4 pcs AA Batteries or 4 pcs rechargeable AA Batteries (both not included);

or via USB port with USB cable (included) and USB Adaptor (not included)

Light source: 4 pcs UV-LED with 30,000 hours lifetime
Power consumption: approx. 0.6 Watt
Leuchtmittel: 4 x UV-LED
Area of efficiency: approx. 20 square meters
Operating time: approx. 16 hours based on NiMh rechargeable Batteries with 2,000 mAh
Size: 19 cm height x 10 cm diameter (item only)




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